Generate success for national and international brands.

Creative Director JP Martel, surrounded by professional friends, introduces a unique concept of creative boutique to provide advertisers and communication agencies

with the best French Quebec (written, visual or musical) adaptation work ever.




Reinventing French Quebec adaptation.

A group of local, seasoned, award-winning Creative Directors, that know and understand the French Quebec consumers like nobody else, team up with JP to create the most creative adaptation house in the country.

The « Creative Adaptators ».

Fast. Efficient. Reliable.

Flexible and Competitive too.

Headquartered in Old Montreal. Where else?

French adaptation can and should generate as much impact, interest and enthusiasm as any other piece of communication. Hence the importance to give it all the creative attention required.




In a hyper Creative, hyper efficient and hyper Professional environment, this new pool of talented and experienced creative directors guarantees not only the most original, but the most focused and result-driven adaptation there is.

Don’t let globalisation weaken your national and international campaigns. All brands need to perform strong here, in Quebec.

With access to State-of-the-art Graphic and Broadcast production studios, Mrtl supervises the overall quality of every portion of the campaigns.


Oui, Oui, it’s a Win-Win

service to succeed in French Quebec!







Seasoned, award-winning Creative Directors Renowned composers and musicians

Memorable campaigns and themes

J’M  McDonald’s and you

Bonjour! Québec • Tourism Quebec, Come say Bonjour

Lo-be-law  Loblaw’s

Sico-Sico par-ci, Sico-Sico par-là Sico paint

Je ne cherche plus, je trouve Yellow Pages

Mon ami l’oiseau de nuit  Provi-Soir convenient stores

Provi-Soir. Ouvert à vie  Provi-Soir convenient stores

Le Québec, c’est les vacances. Tourism Quebec

Yoplait. Le goût de la vie   Yoplait yogurt

Pour le meilleur et pour le prix  Brault & Martineau furniture stores

Harvey’s, tu connais mes goûts Harvey’s hamburgers

Les 4 ans de Lili / Le gâteau de Provigo Provigo, Loblaw’s in Quebec

Les mensonges de Mario  Le poisson de Provigo

La bagnole de Marcel  Le citron de Provigo

Uniprix, ça fait du bien Uniprix pharmacy chain

Les pros de l’impôt - H&R Block

Donne-moi ta bouche  M&M Food Market

Cheese Please  Cheese producers



JP Martel

Founder and Creative Director

514 497-9742

105 - 410 des Récollets

Montreal, Qc H2Y 1W2

Quebec, Canada

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